Carefree.. are we?


Carefree.. is a myth!

Before you label me a pessimist and sit on protest on my front porch… read.

Carefree is a term bandied around to describe people who seem to be unfettered by or aloof to what is happening in the world around them. These people do not feel anxiety, don’t know a thing about worry and are always, always, ALWAYS HAPPY! These blessed souls that we admire, and aspire to be..the ones who are nonchalant in the face of adversity and merry in the gloomiest of not exist.

Modern life has brought upon us more challenges than ever. We live in perpetual dilemma, juggle multiple personas and all this at a frantic pace. Our troubles range from the most significant to the most trivial. We are battling terrorism and global warming and pollution and economic meltdowns while also losing sleep over not being accepted (and adored) on Facebook and’blue-ticks-no-reply’ on Whatsapp. We live in a world that demands us to be on our toes..all the time. Can we really afford to be Carefree??

What we actually do is, we wish that we could be carefree! We wish that the world wasn’t as cruel and demanding and dog-eat-dog. But reality check! It is. Therefore, leaving us with no choice but to create a “perfect”  identity and project it onto ourselves and others. We wish, we try, we strive but..Carefree is a myth!

But there is good news. In fact, great news! We don’t need to defy human nature and forego our apprehensions and angst. We need to react and rise, shake off the blues and move on. Solve the problems instead of denying that they exist. That is my definition of carefree. As Led Zeppelin would say, “upon us all, upon us all, a little rain must fall… it’s just a little rain.”



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