Selling our Souls… to Pokemon GO

Augmented reality has for long been the ace up The Marketer’s sleeve, but it hadn’t swept through the masses….until recently. The Marketer, now tired of pulling the strings through feeding us corporate created social constructs and mass media propaganda, wants to move up a gear. Enter, Augmented Reality.

We (the human masses), as a species, are evolving to grow immune to thought control. Therefore, controlling our opinions, interests and self-images is not enough anymore. Our actions need to be controlled. The Marketer aims to do exactly that, albeit indirectly (as of yet). But, don’t blame The Marketer; ‘it’ has a mortgage to pay.

Pokemon GO is the first piece of the puzzle that’ll control our lives. So don’t be surprised if you find a rare Pokemon inside a Burger King around lunch time. Or, at an IKEA during a sale. The marketer is taking things a notch higher… Is it too high?

In a desperate attempt (if I haven’t already failed) to not sound preachy, I leave you here to ponder. They do to us only what we agree to let them.


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